Solutions & Services

Since our establishment, we have delivered proven SaaS-based software product development services known for their security, scalability, robustness, and performance. We create industry-specific software products with our highly talented experts.


Blockchain Solution

Our in-depth knowledge in Blockchain, web3 will ensure to make you more agile, growth-ready, and is especially essential to adapt inquiry of business process, culture and customer experience.


Software Engineering

Any request for a website or mobile application for a business can be fulfilled. We have a skilled, flexible and punctual team to create spectacular, flexible and error-minimize websites/mobile applications.


Enterprise Consulting

We give advice to businesses the same way the one who gives advice to friends or family members when there is an emergency. You will receive dedicated advice in 4 areas: strategy consulting, IT consulting, e-consulting and human resources consulting. The solutions are suitable for the situation and quickly help your business overcome current difficulties.


Offshore Development Center

A full-development-process team from Developers, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance to UI/UX designer, we could handle your requirements on the human resources well with the most reasonable rate you can find.


Product Sales Agency

We respond to all the responsibility: legal registration, import, promotion, retail and become the official distribution channel of the business in a specified place or market.

Blockchain Service

We help you to develop blockchain technology for your business that would eventually give you easy and secure records of transactions

Web 3.0 Development Services

End-to-end solutions to facilitate your entry and participation in the decentralized web.

Decentralized Application (dApp) Development

End-to-end dApp development services powered by a team of blockchain engineers, full-stack developers and UX designers.

Blockchain Technical Consulting

Our Web3 consulting services helps you determine the opportunities and hidden risks when using blockchain to develop business solutions.

Why Twendee ?

If you choose Twendee, you get an opportunity to work at Vietnam’s leading IT company having a team of enthusiastic, experienced IT engineers and constantly learn new knowledge in the fields of blockchain, web3, and software solutions,…

High quality - Fast completion, Affordable pricing

With an experienced and knowledgeable team, our performance is at best. Twendee has always been striving to optimize three essential factors in product development: quality, speed, and affordability.

Excellent know-how and greet experience

Twendee has a team of well-trained engineers and developers who are dedicated to helping your business.

Blockchain Expert with great knowledge

Twendee is proud to be the first company that provides blockchain & Web3 solutions for all over the industries.


Our Customers

“Our internal development team was looking to partner with full stack experts that could lend a hand with a major project we were constructing. Twendee is a great service and team of professionals that have proven to be knowledgeable and efficient in program development. The key developers like Hung, Viet we worked with, highly skilled, providing recommendations to build out a production ready program.”

Mr. Shisub(Terry) Byon
Chief Technology Officer
HealthHub Co., Ltd.

“They’re quite good in project management, we communicate via Skype, Slack, Jira. The team followed the timeline, and if there was a delay, they noticed and supported us to make the priority.”

Ms. Nancy D.
Business Director

“First and foremost a very big thank you for all the team’s hard work. Along the way, I was very grateful for receiving not only your attentive guidance on every arising issue, but your patience and attention to detail in solving them. I think you all did a really wonderful job and I believe the website shows.

Thank you in advance for help deploying on live environment, maintenance, and advice. I’m very happy with the outcome of our first time working together, and I’m definitely looking forward to completing other phases with you.”

Mr. Martim Molina
Founder & CEO
MintedGem - 1001 Squares of NFT


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