This current health care issue presents great opportunities, but if not managed correctly, it can lead to many problems.



Security is a primary concern in healthcare applications, as they often deal with confidential and sensitive patient health data. The healthcare industry has very stringent requirements around cryptographic security that dictates how and when to encrypt, transmit, and decrypt data.


Obsolete Equipments

The legacy devices and systems that have historically been used to store content (e.g., patient health records and images) aren’t normally compatible with new technologies, so a healthcare organization would need to use proprietary protocols, software, and hardware, all of which increase infrastructure costs tremendously.


Data Privacy and Regulations

A number of privacy laws and regulations surround patient-document rights, including how providers share information. Inevitably, such regulatory measures put a burden on data fluidity and make it more difficult to adopt new technologies that involve data.


Competitive Edge

Maintaining a competitive edge requires companies to optimize their health information technology strategies and address the aforementioned trends head on. 


Blockchain technology has the potential to improve health care by putting the patient at the center of the system and improving health data security, privacy, and interoperability

Health Record Keeping

Blockchain applications include sharing healthcare data, keeping electronic healthcare records, managing insurance, and performing administrative tasks. Electronic health records are spread through various care institutions, and Blockchain will unify all details and provide patients with historical access.
Moreover, the Blockchain paradigm would ensure the information is authentic and legitimate and preserve users’ privacy.

Analyse The Effects Of A Particular Procedure

Researchers can effectively analyse any particular procedure on a large part of the patient population through verified access to the patient data. This produces significant results that enhance the mode of management of these patient groups.

With the Blockchain infrastructure in place, pharmaceutical firms will gather data in real-time to deliver a wide range of precisely adapted prescription drugs or services for patients.

Blockchain makes the job of the pharmacies simpler since it has all the data on top of it. They will efficiently instruct patients on how to take the medication from these results.

It will update the clinicians on the present stage of the patient with the wearable data gathered in real-time and alert them to any emergency.


Blockchain can make a breakthrough in the health ecosystem when healthcare management can adequately validate the results.

Transactions are validated in a Blockchain until they are linked to the chain and are done by algorithms. The authenticity is sealed until the material is encrypted, digitally signed and saved.

Display Information

The Blockchain system will display information about the origins of the medication to ensure high quality and that the approved medicine’s manufacturer supplies it.

Blockchain provides better protection than ever for sensitive data, provided that it is appropriately used.



Business in Healthcare & Medical sector need an innovative and customized solutions for their own problems. Twendee provides the best Blockchain Solutions that enable your business growth. 


Blockchain solutions developed by Twendee create smooth data exchange among providers of medical solutions. It can contribute to diagnostic precision, efficient therapies and cost-effective ecosystems in a healthcare system.

Reduces needless overhead expenses

Blockchain solutions reduces needless overhead expenses and thus enables the correct use of health records. Many problems that plague the healthcare system can be resolved, including interoperability, report completion, theft and even catastrophe data failure.


Blockchains solutions would allow all data to be stored centralised location. It will increase overall safety in the health treatment of patients, addresses medication validity and drug traceability problems, and allows for safe interoperability.

Low cost and reasonable

Twendee develops blockchain solutions that can reduce expenses by automating repetitive tasks, establishing payer-provider communications platforms,…

Our Customers

“Our internal development team was looking to partner with full stack experts that could lend a hand with a major project we were constructing. Twendee is a great service and team of professionals that have proven to be knowledgeable and efficient in program development. The key developers like Hung, Viet we worked with, highly skilled, providing recommendations to build out a production ready program.”

Mr. Shisub(Terry) Byon
Chief Technology Officer
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“They’re quite good in project management, we communicate via Skype, Slack, Jira. The team followed the timeline, and if there was a delay, they noticed and supported us to make the priority.”

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Thank you in advance for help deploying on live environment, maintenance, and advice. I’m very happy with the outcome of our first time working together, and I’m definitely looking forward to completing other phases with you.”

Mr. Martim Molina
Founder & CEO
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