In many ways, blockchain is a game-changing technology. Many evangelists would have you believe that it is the remedy for all of the world’s ills.  But let’s look at the recap below for a better understanding of blockchain.
1. Blockchain don’t have an environmental cost
No, Bitcoin — it was reported last year that the computer power required to keep the network functioning consumes the same amount of energy as 159 of the world’s countries. Because Bitcoin’s blockchain is such a valuable network – with a current market capitalization of over $170 billion at the time of writing – sophisticated and computationally intensive security is required.
2. Blockchain is a high-end technology for making money
Blockchain is a high-end technology, and blockchain programming projects are both profitable and valuable to programmers. The main cause of this misunderstanding is that many people mistake the blockchain for bitcoin. It was the first widely publicized use of blockchain technology. As a result, it was successful in persuading people to believe that Bitcoin is the foundation of all blockchain technologies and that bitcoin is valued, leading some to believe that blockchain developers are wealthy.
3. The function of blockchain technology is misunderstood or ignored
Don’t neglect the underlying concept of blockchain only to have a “blockchain project” at your organization. To be useful, blockchain must add confidence to an untrustworthy environment and make use of a distributed ledger system. Enterprises should develop a trust model for the entire ecosystem to identify trusted and untrustworthy sectors, and then use blockchain to address the untrustworthy areas.
4. Confusing a limited, foundation-level protocol with a complete business solution
The technology has yet to progress from aspirational foundational technology to a complete application stack or solution. CIOs should consider the blockchain element of a large-scale, ambitious blockchain project to be less than 5% of the total project development effort.
5. Viewing blockchain technology purely as a database or storage mechanism
A “distributed ledger” is not a data persistence mechanism or a database management system for distributed databases. In return for a decentralized service and the ability to avoid relying on a single central organization, blockchain delivers limited data management skills. Consider whether blockchain is a good enterprise solution (in its current state) and how it connects to your data management requirements.
Since we all know how popular bitcoin and blockchains have become in recent years, it’s safe to assume that every other organization in the country is eager to incorporate them into their operations. Blockchain has opened the way for revolutionary development, which is a specialized field of progress. This has resulted in a wave of new job opportunities for programmers and techies.
If you want to develop your career, volunteer for additional tasks and responsibilities at work to demonstrate that you are willing to take on new challenges. Offer to take on a new project and show that you can perform things independently while also assisting others when necessary. Look for new approaches to tackle challenges and present them to your team as innovative ideas and tactics. You can advance in this field by becoming a technical lead or a team leader. They both demand the same education and experience, but as you progress through your company’s levels, the roles become increasingly different. To be a tech lead, you must be a domain specialist, which can only be achieved by extensive experience. You must be able to easily respond to any query about the technology in question. You must also be able to swiftly pick up on new technology and learn any new technology faster than the average developer. An entry-level manager is sometimes known as a team lead. Your job will be a mix of programming and dealing with the day-to-day demands of your coworkers. To keep the project on track, you’ll schedule meetings with the Project Manager and other Team Leads. You’ll be in charge of keeping your group on track. You’ll also be in charge of your team’s HR responsibilities. Depending on the project and the company’s specific requirements, anyone can be a manager.
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