Creating a competitive advantage from digital transformation improves the entire business process, from operation to customer experience, such as:

– Reduce costs through automation.

– Respond quickly to customers and create intimate relationships with them. For example, restaurants save their customer data to increase the experience of booking and promotions for loyal customers.

– Increase production capacity and product quality.

– Attract talents through digital applications.

Some areas of significant change from digital transformation include:

– Healthcare industry: Create patient data, help improve caring service and health examination through big data and minimize costs for patients.

– Retail industry: A typical example is clothing online shop that allow customers to take pictures and try on clothes right in their online shop to see if the size, color, and style are fit to them.

– Distribution industry: Customers are able to track easily order status, delivery time, and inventory metrics.

– Travel industry: Covid-19 took place, forcing travel and airline companies to use AI to recognize affected customers, thereby helping them change plans and reschedule. more suitable program.

– Manufacturing industry: Technology to help detect problems in the whole production process, handle and patch errors, verify product quality and reject defective products.

– Agriculture industry: Helps to check the health of plants and animals, automates feeding and harvesting processes.

To create a competitive advantage is not simple, businesses need to start improving from the input stage to the product consumption stage, in addition to working collaboratively between company departments. When all businesses apply technology to create competitive advantages, others are forced to catch up, even DIGITAL INNOVATION to be able to become the choice of customers. Of course, Twendee is now ready to create those competitive advantages with your businesses.

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