• Participate in the development of applications, platforms and management systems for the product
  • Participate in the design phase of software projects to create design plans, and standards for the project
  • Participate in the implementation phase to code, review code, create unit test cases, and execute unit test.
  • Redesign, refactor the source to optimize the performance
  • Research and learn new technologies and related documents for project development


  • 5+ years of experience
  • A web3 background/blockchain knowledge is preferable to reduce the learning process that the employee would require when joining us.
  • Strong knowledge of P2P systems, networking and multithreading, besides that we require at least some level of proficiency with CMake, Boost. Strong knowledge of C++11 but C++20/23 is more preferable.
  • Go and C# might be interesting.


  • Remote Fulltime
  • Salary: upto 2000$ or negotiable

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