● Taking new features from concept to deployment, together with a designer, a
product owner, and your fellow dev teammates.
● Developing web components to improve responsiveness and overall
● Assessing functionality of existing systems and providing recommendations
for improvements
● Coordinating with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide
technical solutions.
● Making sure your own work and that of your teammates performs under load
● Getting down into the cracks of web development to build simple, clean,
performant, and reliable systems for our customers
● Finding the joy in raising well crafted PRs that have the appropriate unit tests,
load tests, test coverage, documentation, etc, that plays nice with our CI/CD


● 5+ years of web development experience
● 5+ years of recent experience with Python
● Proven experience and expertise in the following technologies:
○ Django and/or Tornado web frameworks
○ PostgreSQL and/or general SQL databases
○ Javascript
○ Object-Oriented Programming (Python and JavaScript)
● Knowledge and experience in the following technologies are preferred, but not
○ Pytest or any testing framework
○ Redis, Heroku Stack (Heroku Dynos, Heroku Postgres, and Heroku Redis)
○ SQL Performance Tuning and/or other Performance Testing and
Improvement Practices for Web Applications
○ Django ORM
○ Amazon Web Services (AWS) and REST API
○ Clean Code practice
● Excellent communication skills, able to interact with clients and internal
teams in an effective and professional manner,
● Must possess a Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science/Information Technology,
Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Mathematics, Science &
Technology or equivalent.

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