● Design, code and maintain new features and products for the web app
● Work on core features of the React app such as overall architecture, React platform
updates, design and performance
● Build main features that support the platform API such as order management, USPS
compliance logic, label rendering, pricing infrastructure
● Design the platform’s integration with marketplaces and Warehouse Management Systems
to synchronize orders and shipments
● Clearly communicate with founders, other engineers, PMs and customers
● Write unit and regression tests
● Help build a team of junior developers


● +7 years of overall development experience
● At least 5 years of web development experience
● At least 2 years of React experience
● Good English language skills
● Proficiency with Javascript, HTML, CSS and Node
● Solid knowledge of React and Redux principles
● Experience with modern web/UI development tools (Webpack, Gulp, etc.)

Additional Note.
Before applying, please make sure you could answer the following questions without peeking
at stackoverflow and/or consulting chatgpt. Similar questions will be asked during the
technical interview.
● How do you implement a singleton in Javascript
● Show an example of inheritance using ES5 (prototypical) and ES6 (OO)
● Explain React middlewares and provide a detailed explanation about why Redux
Saga/Thunk were created for
● Explain what the reduce() function
● Describe advantages and disadvantages of Typescript
● How would you implement pagination (front-end and back-end support)
● What is a closure and how it works in Javascript

***not open to consulting companies and freelancers.

• Over lap time: 4 hours per day, 8-10ham and 8-10hpm (vietnamtime). 4 hours


Offer: 2000 – 2200$ gross
• Remote 100%

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