• Participate in product development at the project with the company’s customers.
  • Participating in training for the company’s Fresher team: building a training and working schedule.



  • From 5 years full stack experience: (Backend: NodeJS, Frontend: ReactJS)
  • Proficient in using JS.
  • Foreign languages: Fluent in English or read, writing, understand document.
  • Able to work independently and in a good team
  • Creative and proactive at work, grasping and solving problems quickly
  • Ability to grasp and research new technologies quickly.


● Salary: Up to $2500 or negotiable; 2-month probation, 85% salary, after 6
months will get back.

● Become the key position of the company.
● Share project profits.
● Attractive Year End Bonus based on performance.
● Chances to work with customers overseas from South Korea, Europe,..
● Salary review 2 times/year or on excellent performance
● International, dynamic, friendly working environment
● Annual leave, working conditions follow Vietnam labor laws.
● Other allowances: lunch allowance, working on-site allowance, house rent
allowance, healthcare personal allowance, vacation allowance, device
allowance etc.

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