Supply Chain Management Platform

  • A platform helps enterprises to plan sales cycles and enables them to more easily ensure they have adequate supply for their customers.
  • Solving the challenges caused by inaccurate inventory management on board: Urgent, irregular, and late ordering makes it harder to optimise asset utilization and drives up costs; Inconsistent sales cycles; Lack of proof of delivery leading to late payments

What were the key challenges?

  • Edge computing on vessels is a requirement since vessels operate in unstable Internet condition
  • Complicated business logic to cater to multiple parties like suppliers, shore managers, vessel operators

Our Solutions

  • Collaborate with Singaporean team to build robust data synchronization and database conflict resolution system
  • Work with product managers and business analysts to make sure we gain a deep understanding of the business logic required the implementation satisfies the strict technical requirement


A Singapore tech-based company


Logistic, Inventory Management, AI, ML


2021 – 2022

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