by twendee Admin / November 3, 2023

Representatives From Japanese Companies Visited Twendee’s Office

On the afternoon of November 1, Twendee was honored to welcome representatives of Japanese businesses to visit the office in the ICT Day program. Twendee’s leadership team had the opportunity to receive, introduce, and share information about Twendee’s mission, products, and direction with the visiting delegation. Throughout the meeting, both sides engaged in enthusiastic discussions, […]
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by twendee Admin / October 27, 2023

Twendee Officially Becomes Hessegg’s Strategic Partner in Vietnam

Recently, Twendee Software Co., Ltd. officially became a strategic partner with Hessegg. This is a blockchain core technology provider that completed layer 1 mainnet and is developing various solutions and advanced Web 3.0 applications. Hessegg offers the most advanced blockchain, Niktonet, a “layer 1 blockchain mainnet” with a fast processing speed of less than 2 […]
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by twendee Admin / October 22, 2023

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day

Vietnamese Women’s Day, October 20, is not only an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and respect for women, but also an opportunity to appreciate the contributions of women in all aspects. With all our love and affection, Twendee would like to send our best wishes to all grandmothers, mothers, and sisters, especially all […]
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by twendee Admin / October 17, 2023

Twendeetalk 06: Gen “Zi” In The Workplace

Twendeetalk is always an attractive extracurricular activity for Twendee employees. Following previous successful Twendeetalk sessions, last weekend (October 14), Twendee held Twendeetalk 06 with the theme “Gen “Zi” in the workplace” with the hosting of host Duong Vu. The “Zi” generation is often mentioned as a breath of fresh air in the workplace—an age with […]
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by twendee Admin / October 9, 2023

Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between Twendee Software And Cole 

On October 6, the cooperation signing ceremony between Twendee Software Co., Ltd. and EDTECH COLE Co., Ltd. officially took place. The signing ceremony marks the strengthening of cooperation and engagement between the two sides to create conditions for Twendee’s staff to have the opportunity to access and experience high-quality courses in the easiest way. Besides, […]
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by twendee Admin / October 3, 2023

Enjoy The Mid-Autumn Festival With Twendee

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Reunion Festival, takes place on August 15 (lunar calendar) every year. This is a long-standing meaningful custom not only in Vietnam but also in other countries worldwide, such as China, Korea, Japan, etc. In Vietnam, the moon has excellent significance for wet rice culture. The full moon day of […]
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by twendee Admin / August 21, 2023

Twendee At Vietnam IT Day 2023 In Melbourne

With the mission of promoting cooperation and innovation in the IT industry between Vietnam and Australia, Vietnam IT Day 2023 took place successfully on August 15 in Melbourne, Australia. The event allows IT businesses in Australia and Vietnam to connect, exchange knowledge, seek cooperation opportunities, and develop together. Recognizing that information technology (IT) is a […]
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by twendee Admin / August 18, 2023


On August 14, the cooperation signing ceremony for the supply and sustainable development of high-quality blockchain IT human resources between Twendee Software and Reco Manpower took place. The signing ceremony marks the strengthening of cooperation and cohesion between the two sides, promoting opportunities to improve the quality of IT blockchain human resources in potential markets […]
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by twendee Admin / July 24, 2023


As usual, every six months, Twendee organizes team-building activities to create a fun and entertaining space for all employees after days of devoting their best to the company. On July 15th, the Twendee extended family moved to Lefarm Homestay at Muong Chau Hamlet, Ba Vi, Hanoi, to participate in the most expected extracurricular activity in […]
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by twendee Admin / July 10, 2023

Twendee Honor Becomes The Sponsor Of The Kawai 2023 Startup Competition Award

“The Kawai 2023 Startup” is a contest for startup business ideas for young people from 18 to 25 years old. The contest has been held annually since 2006 by the Future Entrepreneurs Club at Foreign Trade University and sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. “Starting a business with Kawai” has inspired and created […]
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by twendee Admin / June 1, 2023

International Children’s Day With Twendee 

“Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?” – Marcus Tullius Cicero. Every child is a little angel and an invaluable gift for parents. Therefore, International Children’s Day was held to show love to the next generation of the country. Moreover, this is also an opportunity […]
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by twendee Admin / April 7, 2023

Twendee Joined India Telecom Expo Conference

Twendee has the chance to join with VINASA to participate in the 17th India Telecom Expo Conference, which will be held from March 21–23, 2023, in order to look for commercial collaboration chances with companies in India and South Asia in general. The merger of IT and Telecom has opened the door to the needs […]
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