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On August 14, the cooperation signing ceremony for the supply and sustainable development of high-quality blockchain IT human resources between Twendee Software and Reco Manpower took place. The signing ceremony marks the strengthening of cooperation and cohesion between the two sides, promoting opportunities to improve the quality of IT blockchain human resources in potential markets for Twendee domestically and internationally.

Cooperation signing ceremony between Twendee Software and Reco Manpower

Cooperation signing ceremony between Twendee Software and Reco Manpower

Recognizing the importance of enhancing and developing strong and sustainable IT resources in the future, the two companies have cooperated to sign and agree to support enterprises in the digital era, such as promoting the development of blockchain IT human resources in terms of expertise, skills, and working attitudes.

At the ceremony, the two sides agreed on cooperation through the implementation of specific strategies and target plans in order to find and develop high-quality human resources who are fully equipped with enough knowledge and experience to meet the huge needs of the world, especially in big markets such as the US, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Europe, etc.

Ms. Bich Hue, CEO of Reco, shared: “We understand the challenging problem of human resources in IT companies. From that concern, Reco was born with the mission of building a solid bridge, a diverse and effective ecosystem and allowing connections between businesses and candidates. Together with Twendee, Reco will build a healthy connection and cooperation environment, ensure the benefits of all parties, and develop sustainably.”

Ms. Bich Hue, CEO of Reco

Ms. Bich Hue, CEO of Reco

Accordingly, Mr. Hung Le, COO of Twendee, said that through the cooperation with Reco, Twendee expects to shorten the two-year target and, at the same time, improve the company’s position on the map of supply enterprises, services, solutions, IT human resources in general, and the blockchain segment worldwide.

Mr. Hung Le, COO of Twendee

Mr. Hung Le, COO of Twendee

Through the signing ceremony, Twendee and Reco look forward to jointly creating more sustainable values for the Vietnamese blockchain community while promoting the ability to reach further on the global positioning map of blockchain technology.

About Twendee Software

Twendee Software Co., Ltd. is a software product builder and is among the top 5 leading blockchain developers in Vietnam. Currently, the company is a close partner with businesses in the European, American, and Asian markets.

Twendee focuses on providing services to both domestic and international markets, with diverse services ranging from software development to business consulting and team hire. To date, Twendee has had more than 60 successful projects with 98% satisfied customers. Twendee’s core values come from four factors: the ability to work independently, the ability to combine groups, and the ability to communicate and collaborate.

Each member is the DNA of the business; the combined DNA will create a complete, strong, and unified business. Twendee’s top goal is to become one of the leading blockchain service providers in Vietnam, and at the same time, it is determined to pursue professional standards and build sustainable brand values to become a global class enterprise and build an international working environment.

To understand more about Twendee’s competitive advantage, you can read the interview with Mr. Hung Le, COO of Twendee: People are the greatest asset

In addition, one of the key blockchain services that Twendee is providing is an MVP solution for small and newly established companies to bring huge savings opportunities for businesses in terms of cost, time, and human resources development.

Address: 7th floor, Detech Tower, 8 Ton That Thuyet, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi


About Reco Manpower

RECO Manpower Co., Ltd. is a pure Vietnamese unit that is a leader in using advanced AI technology to apply in the field of recruitment, providing high-quality IT human resources, and solving the problem of human resource shortages for employees in businesses both at home and abroad. To date, RECO has helped in human resource management for more than 200 enterprises, including large global corporations such as BCG, Naver, Samsung, LG, Worldquant, etc. in demanding markets such as the UK, USA, AUS, SK, etc.

Currently, the company owns the largest database of up to 1,000,000 candidate records and a large recruiting team of more than 100 recruitment specialists.

RECO’s mission is to provide human resource solutions, connect candidates with career opportunities, and build a working environment that ensures benefits for all parties for sustainable development. With the desire to become a reliable partner specializing in providing HR services and solutions in the field of information technology, RECO always accompanies organizations and individuals to develop together and reach out to the world.

Address: 10th floor, Song Da building (HH4), Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi


Let’s look at the memorable moments of the cooperation signing ceremony!

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