Enjoy The Mid-Autumn Festival With Twendee

by twendee Admin / October 3, 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Reunion Festival, takes place on August 15 (lunar calendar) every year. This is a long-standing meaningful custom not only in Vietnam but also in other countries worldwide, such as China, Korea, Japan, etc.

In Vietnam, the moon has excellent significance for wet rice culture. The full moon day of the 8th lunar month is when farm work is at its peak. Everyone can freely admire the moonscape and immerse themselves in heaven and earth.

On this occasion, every Vietnamese family presents a meal with moon cakes, candy, sugar cane, etc. to worship the moon and heaven, praying for a good life, a good harvest, and family harmony. This is also an opportunity for family members to enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival together, creating a space full of worship and love.

Joining the joyful atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival across the country, Twendee jointly organized the program “Ring the Golden Bell with Twendee” to review the knowledge related to this holiday and together eat traditional Mid-Autumn specialties. Let’s look at some beautiful photos!

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