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Salesbox is a European software company born in Stockholm Sweden. Salesbox is an internationally award winning next generation customer management platform (CRM 2.0).

Salesbox is designed for people who get sales that want to become efficient, focus on what matters next and be able to assembly their own processes, structure to a very affordable price.

Salesbox is also both smart and plug and play integrated to your common productivity tools such as Office 365, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Gsuite and Mailchimp. All to make you be able to put your time and effort where a human touch is needed and let the machine do the rest.

What were the key challenges?

  • A big system requires stability, scalability and security
  • Support both of on-premise & subscription pricing model
  • Support version of web, iOS and android
  • Development time limited

Our Solutions

  • Implemented Micro-services architecture
  • Implemented multi-tenant
  • Agile development with some scrum team to develop 3 versions together




CRM, Technology



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