Twendee 5th Anniversary – Together We Grow

by TWENDEE / December 20, 2023

With each passing year, everyone becomes more mature and stronger. The same goes for Twendee. Over the past 5 years, each Twendee member has strived to improve themselves and the company’s products and services to bring customers and partners the most practical values.

To celebrate the company’s 5th anniversary, Twendee organized a 3-day trip to the coastal city of Nha Trang. On Gala Night, Mr. Le Hoang Long, CEO of Twendee, expressed a few words of gratitude to the employees and stated the company’s future development orientation.

Mr. Le Hoang Long, CEO of Twendee

Mr. Le Hoang Long, CEO of Twendee

Twendee’s Board of Directors often jokes that during the 5 years of formation and development, we have learned to take our first baby steps. Sometimes we walk quickly, but sometimes it is challenging. However, Twendee all passed, and after 5 years, we know that Twendee will not fall, and now is the time for Twendee to progress steadily.

5 years is not a long road but not short either, 5 years in which everyone works side by side regardless of difficulties to accomplish the common goal. Twendee has become the second home for each member, and colleagues are now like close brothers and sisters in the family.

The atmosphere of the ceremony was extremely warm, with laughter, singing, and meaningful birthday wishes from all participating members. In the birthday night novel, with the theme Together We Grow, everyone raises a glass to congratulate Twendee on turning 5 years old and wishes that all Twendee members will always bond and grow together.

birthday cake
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At the end of the welcome session, each person was left with a personal feeling, but they were all automatically determined to try their best and strive together to bring the company to new heights. Then, five or ten years from now, the next generation will further promote their efforts and dedication to make the company stronger and stronger.

Let’s look back at the beautiful moments on Twendee’s 5th birthday night and company trip!


















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