Twendee joins in the Cold Food Festival atmosphere with Twendeetalk 04: “Lại sắp Tết rồi, nhưng mà là Tết bánh trôi”

by TWENDEE / May 19, 2023

The Cold Food Festival is a traditional New Year’s Day that occurs on the 3rd day of the 3rd Lunar Month every year. This traditional New Year’s Day appears mainly in the Chinese provinces, the northern region of Vietnam, and some Chinese communities around the world.

Banh troi nuoc

Banh troi nuoc

On this day, Vietnamese people often grind flour and cook green beans to make vegetarian cakes, and floating cakes in order to worship Buddha and their ancestors. The food is made to worship the ancestors meaning descendants have one heart toward their ancestors and roots. 

To join in the Cold Food Festival atmosphere, on April 21, Twendee held Twendeetalk 04 with the theme “Lại sắp Tết rồi, nhưng mà là Tết bánh trôi” by My Tam, member of the marketing team, hosts it. This workshop is organized with the purpose of sharing with Twendee members about the beautiful Vietnamese culture. Not only did Twendee listen to interesting knowledge, but they also shares about how to make Banh Troi Nuoc, and old stories surrounding the origin of this cake, and enjoys Banh Troi Nuoc together. 

Ms. My Tam hosts the Twendeetalk

Ms. My Tam hosts the Twendeetalk

Let’s wait and see the coming attractive Twendeetalk!



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