Mid – Year Festival With Twendee

by TWENDEE / June 22, 2023

Mid-year Festival, or Worm-killing Festival, takes place on May 5th every year. This is a traditional festival in some East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

In Vietnamese culture, the beginning of May is the time to end the harvest. People will make offerings to heaven and earth, gods, and ancestors to express their gratitude and pray for a new crop and a bountiful harvest.

In addition, many places also consider Mid-year Festival an opportunity for the family to reunite and remember the birth and nurture of ancestors. Therefore, many people, even if they are far away, want to reunite with their families on this day and spend time with their grandparents and parents. On this day, Vietnamese people often prepare rice wine, Tro cake, and fruits such as plums and litchi to worship their ancestors.

To join in Mid-year Festival festival, Twendee enjoyed a little rice wine and fruits together with the hope and belief that they would prevent disease.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful photos!

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