Twendee Officially Becomes Mortoff’s Strategic Partner In Vietnam

by TWENDEE / April 19, 2023

This March,  Twendee Software and Mortoff – one of the acknowledged IT consulting and service provider companies in Hungary – decided to sign a strategic partnership agreement.

Twendee Officially Becomes Mortoff’s Strategic Partner In Vietnam

Twendee Officially Becomes Mortoff’s Strategic Partner In Vietnam

Mortoff  is a software company with 20 years’ experience that has been working with domestic and international medium and large companies with an excellent, highly qualified and competent team. Their activities range from consulting  through development and testing to complete project management. 

Meanwhile, Twendee is a technology corporation specializing in  blockchain solutions and services to the global market, with years of experience in providing full-cycle software development services, focusing on the latest technology, flexibly meeting the customization and scaling needs of businesses.

Realizing the demand for blockchain applications in the  EU Market, Twendee shook hands with Mortoff to cooperatively deliver blockchain application solutions, services and products to European businesses. 

With Twendee’s flexibility to collaborate with Mortoff’s experience and network, becoming strategic partners for blockchain solutions in the EU market promises to deliver more breakthrough solutions for businesses. Furthermore, regarding Twendee’s experience working with various international markets and dynamic processing styles, Twendee already has the aligned material to collaborate with Mortoff in good chemistry since time zones and geographical distances are no longer a problem to both sides.

Hopefully, Twendee and Mortoff will create significant values for the EU market together. 


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