by TWENDEE / April 7, 2023

Twendee Joined India Telecom Expo Conference

Twendee has the chance to join with VINASA to participate in the 17th India Telecom Expo Conference, which will be held from March 21–23, 2023, in order to look for commercial collaboration chances with companies in India and South Asia in general. The merger of IT and Telecom has opened the door to the needs […]
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by TWENDEE / March 8, 2023

Music Event 08/03 “Twendee By Nights – Lời Chưa Tỏ”

“A beautiful woman, a great friend, and a wonderful mother”.  Women, the beautiful half of this world, are not only friends who are willing to share with us the joys and sorrows of life, but also great collaborators who always accompany us and share their thoughts with us. They are also diligent and responsible grandmothers, […]
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by TWENDEE / March 6, 2023

The Twendee Running Challenge 2023 has been officially launched

With the concept that “Health is the most valuable asset of people”, Twendee not only ensures an efficient and friendly working – environment but also cares about the health of employees. That’s the reason why the Twendee Running Challenge was held. The Twendee Running Challenge is also one of the company’s traditional activities to build […]
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by đức nghĩa - DEV / September 26, 2022

Clutch Honors Twendee Software Company As One of Vietnam’s Top B2B Service Providers for 2022

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh, Zappos As a business owner, you always want to…
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