by TWENDEE / August 4, 2023

Happy Twendee Men’s Day!

If March 8 is the day to appreciate global women, at Twendee, we choose August 3 as a special occasion dedicated to the important pieces that make up the company’s success – Twendee’s men.  On this day, Twendee wishes our men to always be happy, healthy, and strong to help the company grow sustainably. Thank […]
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by TWENDEE / July 24, 2023


As usual, every six months, Twendee organizes team-building activities to create a fun and entertaining space for all employees after days of devoting their best to the company. On July 15th, the Twendee extended family moved to Lefarm Homestay at Muong Chau Hamlet, Ba Vi, Hanoi, to participate in the most expected extracurricular activity in […]
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by TWENDEE / July 10, 2023

Twendee Honor Becomes The Sponsor Of The Kawai 2023 Startup Competition Award

“The Kawai 2023 Startup” is a contest for startup business ideas for young people from 18 to 25 years old. The contest has been held annually since 2006 by the Future Entrepreneurs Club at Foreign Trade University and sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. “Starting a business with Kawai” has inspired and created […]
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by TWENDEE / July 4, 2023

Twendee Is Sponsored By The ELSA Speak Free English Learning Package

Recently, all Twendee employees have been sponsored by ELSA Speak with a free English learning package. This is a good opportunity to help the company’s elite employees test and practice their English listening and speaking skills daily to improve their level. About the free English communication self-study software ELSA Speak, ELSA is an acronym for […]
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by TWENDEE / June 22, 2023

Mid – Year Festival With Twendee

Mid-year Festival, or Worm-killing Festival, takes place on May 5th every year. This is a traditional festival in some East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China. In Vietnamese culture, the beginning of May is the time to end the harvest. People will make offerings to heaven and earth, gods, and ancestors […]
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by TWENDEE / June 6, 2023

Twendee Honour Become As The Media Partner Of The 19th Marvels HCMC 2023 Event

World Blockchain Web 3.0 – The 19th Marvels HCMC 2023 is the largest Blockchain event of 2023 between Vietnam and Korea, co-organized by Korea CEO Summit, DTS Group and Vietnam Blockchain Association with the support of television coverage. communication of many communities in Vietnam. More than 2,000 people will attend, 40 local and foreign speakers […]
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by TWENDEE / June 1, 2023

International Children’s Day With Twendee 

“Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?” – Marcus Tullius Cicero. Every child is a little angel and an invaluable gift for parents. Therefore, International Children’s Day was held to show love to the next generation of the country. Moreover, this is also an opportunity […]
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by TWENDEE / May 25, 2023

Twendee Was Honors To Be An Honorary Member Of Vietnam Blockchain Association

On May 17th, at the one-year establishment event of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, in addition to sharing the goals, honoring individuals and organizations with important contributions, VBA also held an induction ceremony of new companion members.  The Vietnam Blockchain Association is the first official legal entity that brings together people passionate about blockchain research and […]
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by TWENDEE / May 19, 2023

Twendee joins in the Cold Food Festival atmosphere with Twendeetalk 04: “Lại sắp Tết rồi, nhưng mà là Tết bánh trôi”

The Cold Food Festival is a traditional New Year’s Day that occurs on the 3rd day of the 3rd Lunar Month every year. This traditional New Year’s Day appears mainly in the Chinese provinces, the northern region of Vietnam, and some Chinese communities around the world. On this day, Vietnamese people often grind flour and […]
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by TWENDEE / April 19, 2023

Twendee Officially Becomes Mortoff’s Strategic Partner In Vietnam

This March,  Twendee Software and Mortoff – one of the acknowledged IT consulting and service provider companies in Hungary – decided to sign a strategic partnership agreement. Mortoff  is a software company with 20 years’ experience that has been working with domestic and international medium and large companies with an excellent, highly qualified and competent […]
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by TWENDEE / April 13, 2023

The Twendee’s First English Club Graduates Successfully

In January 2023, the Twendee English Club was officially established with the aim of providing Twendee with valuable English knowledge as well as practical programs for people to practice and apply this language. Organizational structure Currently, Twendee English Club consists of six members and is managed by Mr. Vu Thai Duong, the club’s treasurer. Besides, […]
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by TWENDEE / April 13, 2023

Twendee Participates In Tay Ho Half Marathon 2023

With the principle of leaving no one behind, Twendee not only ensures a friendly and efficient working environment but also cares about the mental health of all employees. Therefore, Twendee often organizes and sponsors employees to participate in collective activities to improve health every year. On April 9, Twendee participated in Tay Ho Half Marathon […]
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